Valued Clientele

Successful Partnerships

Client 5


Intentional Planning

This client had a specific agenda in mind when they hired PONNE Ceramics, but after a few ideation meetings, the concept pivoted into something even better! With a mindful approach, the end result of this project was something both amazing and unexpected - and Hera loved it.

Client 6


Smart Architecture

Some clients know exactly what they want from a project, and others don’t even know where to begin! Luckily, PONNE Ceramics has vast experience working with both types of clients. In the case of Axes, it took many consultation meetings to come up with exactly what this client was looking for, but they ended up being extremely satisfied with the end result.

Client 4


Smart Updates

This client’s space had been around for a while and was growing stale, but PONNE Ceramics was the perfect solution to give it a brand new makeover. Volve was inspired by many previous designs, and the professional delivered by maximizing functionality without altering its classic facade.