Ceramic products are not only time consuming to make, but it also takes its share of energy to get that good trusted kiln to 1260 degrees Celsius.

To not strain the environment more than absolutely necessary, I have streamlined my production so that nothing goes to waste. Every drop of glaze or (too) misshapen spoon goes back into the bucket, to be used in the next batch. My compulsive need to triple test everything, has ensured that everything that goes in the kiln, comes out of the kiln the way it was supposed to, leaving my trashbin empty.

Furthermore, my use of chemically produced and factory processed materials is kept at an absolute minimum, and I am constantly on the lookout to substitute even these for natures own raw materials.

When we want to learn about our ancestors, we tend to look at the ceramics they produced. This means, that if you take good care of your spoons, they will last you a lifetime - or longer.